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THMWGO has compiled videos and pictures on the projects we have completed. Feel free to explore the slideshows below to get a better glimpse of our work!

EZNET Organization

THMWGO provides encouragement, advice, and financial support to help EZNET reach its goals supporting families with Cerebral Palsy in Ethiopia.

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THMWGO supports the  Dar-us-Salam Mothers, Kids, and Teenagers Training and Developmental Association by providing funds to help support rent and financial assistance to support their other goals.


THMWGO sponsors orphans to attend Dar-ul-Arqam Academy and benefit from their services. We also provided financial report to help the school out of its debt for operational costs. For Eid, THMWGO provided the children with clothes, shoes, and meat.

Abdullah Ummi Ibnu Makhtoom

THMWGO partnered with other global organizations to help the Abdullah Ummi Ibnu Makhtoom foundation purchase a Braille machine to print Braille Qurans.

THMWGO has provided financial support to help Babul Keyer create revenue generating services to further build financial independence to reach their goals and serve their community.

THMWGO has paid for  6 month rent, 7 electrical 'mitad' ,electric and water  sytem and a washing machine.

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